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Right to Education is one of the fundamental rights of every Indian citizen. TIIM (Technical Institute of Internet Marketing) believes that money should not be a road block for a student with innovative ideas in his mind and passion in his heart. We extend scholarships and financial assistance to meritorious students based on their academic achievements & interest in digital marketing.

TIIM’s Scholarship Program

We believe that a person should never give up on their dreams because of a lack of financial resources. Owing to this difficulty faced by millions of students across the nation, we have started with our scholarship program which ensures that those with zeal to learn do not miss out on something that could change their and their family’s life forever. We offer scholarships that will reduce the fee from 50% – 100% for our diploma course and advanced digital marketing certification course. Here’s who all can benefit from it:

Toppers of Education Board

Scholarship for Orphan Applicants

Individuals from financially weaker sections of the society

Physically challenged (Individuals who have lost the ability to walk or speak)

Immediate family members of martyred defense personnel (Army, Air force, and Navy)

Performance in Sports, Cultural, R&D, Co-curricular, Social Service and Bravery Awards

All individuals (general public) who have passed TIIM’s scholarship test.

To stay informed about our upcoming scholarship tests or to know more about this program, fill out this short form that you see on your right and our education counselor will contact you at the earliest.

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